If you’re a business owner looking to expand your audience, this Ultimate Guide to TikTok and How You Can Use It for Business in the Philippines is the ideal place to reach new customers and build your brand because of its hyper-engaged community of shoppers, trend-setters, and word-of-mouth advocates. Every generation has flocked to TikTok for fun, and various subcultures convene there to discuss their latest discoveries—whether you want to reach Gen Z, Millennials, parents, or grandparents — TikTok is where it all happens.

Create a branded account

First, you need to create a branded account on TikTok before you can start using it for marketing purposes. You can do this by going to the app store and downloading it onto your smartphone. When you first log into the app, it will ask if you want to sign up as an individual or a business. If you choose an individual account, TikTok will ask for your name and email address to send notifications about different events.

Establish a primary goal

Before you start driving visitors to your website, ensure your marketing team is on the same page. Why are you attempting to drive visitors to your website? Clarify your TikTok objectives so that everyone on your team understands why you’re using TikTok to drive traffic.

While some businesses use visitors to generate sales, others use it to grow their mailing list, improve their overall SEO, or promote their current contest or giveaway. As a result, some TikTok profiles include a link to the brand’s homepage, while others direct users to a landing page, contest page, or partner page.

Send Website Visitors To A Promotion On Your Home Page

Many businesses utilize their TikTok profile link to connect users to their main website. If you alter your homepage with each new marketing campaign, this works nicely. Creative Design Ink TikTok profile link, for example, takes you straight to the company’s homepage, which highlights its current product promotion. This allows the firm to change the homepage of its website with each new product campaign, eliminating the need to change social media links with each campaign.

Increase the Size of Your Email List

Adding members to a brand’s mailing list, which allows them to send marketing emails, is a common theme in successful campaigns. MicroGreens Philippines, for example, utilizes its TikTok profile link to redirect visitors to a landing page on their website, where they may sign up for an email subscription. The brand targets customers who have a genuine interest in its product by promising to send the most up-to-date information about new arrivals, sales, and special offers.

Encourage people to enter a contest or a sweepstakes

Brands can benefit from competitions and prizes on social media. They contribute to increased interaction and user-generated content, as well as increased traffic and brand visibility.

Boost the number of sold paid subscriptions.

TikTok can be used by brands that provide premium subscriptions to direct users to a free trial link, encouraging new individuals to join their service. The NBA, for example, uses its TikTok profile link to direct visitors to its event calendar, but the website meets them with an overlay advertising its paid television package. With the overlay, the company can promote both its service and its calendar with only one link.

Promote a Different Social Media Network

Consider using TikTok to deliver traffic to your main channel if the TikTok audience isn’t your primary demographic or if you’re not constantly active on the platform. Alternatively, if your brand sells things on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram with shopping tags, you may wish to direct traffic from TikTok to your Facebook Marketplace or Instagram Store.

Increase the number of app downloads

You may utilize TikTok to generate traffic to your app’s landing page if you want to increase app sales or downloads. Alternatively, you can direct visitors to your main website and greet them with an overlay, as Sephora does. Its TikTok profile link directs visitors to the company’s main website, which displays an overlay inviting them to download the app to get first access to product announcements.

Increase the sales of a specific product or line of products

TikTok offers a wonderful approach to increase product sales by driving traffic to a product page. What marketing goals and campaigns you wish to support will determine whether you drive TikTokkers to a particular product landing page or an entire product line. You can use TikTok to promote a wide range of marketing goals, but before you start building your audience, make sure you know what actions you want them to take. Setting a clear goal will ensure that the TikTok traffic you generate is optimized to benefit your business.

Improve Your Profile

Adding a link to your TikTok profile is the number one technique to bring people to your site or landing page, which will increase traffic and revenues. Add a call-to-action above your profile link to improve your results. In your profile caption, you should also add a description of your brand or product. If your brand is still developing, be specific in your description so that people understand what you’re all about. Keep in mind that placing a quick call-to-action directly above your profile link in your TikTok bio will earn you better results if your goal is to drive traffic.

Keep an eye on your competitors and content creators.

Monitoring the presence of your competitors on TikTok may help you create more effective content, connect with your audience more effectively, and set competitive goals. Monitoring industry influencers may provide a wealth of information about what piques the interest and involvement of similar audiences. Your industry influencers are always in the know about what’s driving engagement and sales in your industry. Monitor your industry influencers to find out the TikTok formats, features, and soundtracks your customers like. By watching your competitors’ comments and adverts, as well as analyzing the TikTok activity of your industry influencers, you may learn a lot about what types of content and formats engage TikTok users.

Engage in TikTok Paid Ads.

Paid TikTok advertising allows you to embed an external link in your video, making it an excellent option to direct people to a landing page or website. TikTok For Business, TikTok’s relatively new self-serve platform, allows you to post adverts that target your specific audience. You may then use TikTok’s rich advertising analytics for ads to track the ads’ performance. By incorporating a direct link in the ad content, TikTok advertising allows you to drive people to your website or landing page in a manner that conventional TikTok content cannot. Paid advertising may be a good investment for your brand if you’re serious about driving more traffic and revenue through TikTok.

When Should You Publish Your Content?

When it comes to TikTok content, timing is everything. When posts earn enough engagement within a certain time span, TikTok’s algorithm adds new content to its “For You” newsfeed. Expanding your reach on the platform requires publishing your content at times when your audience is most likely to be online and keen to engage with your business. Posting TikTok content when your audience is most likely to interact with it will help you achieve a wider audience on the network.

Creating Compelling Videos 

Aim to generate viral content that reaches a large audience, which will greatly increase your TikTok traffic. One of the reasons marketers adore TikTok is because unknown companies can still become popular overnight (even without paid advertising). Your firm may boost its chances of tremendous overnight success on TikTok by developing a strong brand presence, staying current with trends, and producing the finest possible videos for the platform. If you build your TikTok profile to include a call-to-action and a landing page link, viral content can greatly (and quickly) increase your platform traffic.

Increase the numbers and quality of your audience

You’re more likely to succeed at increasing traffic and sales from TikTok if you have a large number of followers. It does matter, however, who is following you. You might as well have zero followers if you have millions of followers that aren’t interested in your brand. You’ll eventually generate a constant stream of traffic and sales if you aim to build a following that is really interested in your business. Any brand can amass a sizable following on TikTok if they figure out what kinds of content customers want. When growing your following, remember to focus on potential consumers rather than merely aiming to increase the number of people that follow you.

Attract a Lot Of Followers And Improve Your Sales using TikTok.

By creating an engaged audience with original, creative content and advertising, your brand will be able to successfully generate traffic and sales with each campaign. Remember, without the correct link in your profile, you won’t be able to increase traffic or sales! In your TikTok bio, provide a CTA as well as a link to a landing page or website so that people know what you’re selling and how to buy it!