Comparing web developer vs web designer for your website, who do you think you need to hire? If you want to get the perfect candidate, what would be the ideal skill that will match your company?

In the practical sense, website developers are the ones we usually deal with programming that serves as the baseline or standard to create the framework and overall structure of the website. Web designers are typically concerned with the website’s aesthetics or appearance, including graphics, animations, and videos as materials.

Web developer vs web designer, how do they differ from one another?

Web development is rapidly becoming one of the most appealing and well-paid professions. But what exactly is a web developer, and what does one do?

Web Developer vs Web Designer

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Web Developer

A web developer or programmer is a person who converts a web design, which has been developed by a client or a design team, into a website.

They do this by writing many complex codes in several languages. Web developers have a difficult job because they must translate a language that humans understand, such as English, into a language that computers understand.

These programming languages may span from PHP, Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc., and they usually deal with setting up and managing the website’s database, such as MySQL.

Web Designer

web designers plan, develop, and code websites and web pages, providing audio, video, graphics, and other media. The design and layout of a website or web pages are the responsibility of a web designer. It may also imply creating a brand-new website or upgrading an existing one.

A web designer is an IT expert who oversees designing a website’s architecture, visual appearance, and usability. A successful web designer should be able to combine both artistic and technical abilities.

Web DeveloperNCRFull-Time or 40 hours/weekWork-from-HomeHMO, Annual Performance, Salary AppraisalP30,000 to P60,000
Junior Web DeveloperNCRFull-Time or 40 hours/weekWork-from-HomeHMO, Annual Performance, Salary AppraisalP25,000 – P35,000
Web Designer/Front-End DeveloperNCRFull-Time or 40 hours/weekWork-from-HomeHMO, Annual Performance, Salary Appraisal Chance to work AbroadP40,000 – P70,000
Junior Web DesignerNCRFull-Time or 40 hours/weekWork-from-HomeHMO, Annual Performance, Salary AppraisalP18,000 – P25,000
Source: JobStreet Philippines – jobstreet.com.ph


Based on averaged salaries, an Entry-Level Web Developer with less than one year of experience should expect an estimated salary of P30,000 per month (including allowance, bonus, and overtime pay). Early Career Web Developer with 1-4 years of experience receives an estimated salary of P45,000 per month. Mid-Career Web Developer with 5-9 years of experience receives an estimated salary of P50,000 per month. An accomplished Web Developer or Senior Web Developer with 10-19 years of experience receives a monthly gross salary of P60,000 and above.

The standard qualifications needed to apply to become a web developer

  • Experience with programming, web development, and using Javascript
  • Experience with UX design, web design, or graphic design 
  • Experience with responsive website implementation for mobile using CSS
  • Proficiency in front-end development web programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Experience in utilizing Javascript frameworks such as VueJS
  • Experience in developing, maintaining, and implementing backend APIs
  • Experience working with and tweaking graphics in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator or equivalent software
  • Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues.
  • Experience in implementing and maintaining relational databases
  • Knowledgable in Git version control
  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) experience is a plus
  • Visual design skills
  • For Work-From-Home or WFH, a Modern and reliable computer with a microphone, headset, and webcam.
  • For Work-From-Home or WFH, Fast and reliable internet connection (minimum 5 Mbit upload speed during peak times)
  • Quiet and distraction-free workspace

The standard qualifications needed to apply to become a web designer

  • Must have organization and planning skills
  • Strong UX design experience for websites
  • Strong front-end coding experience
  • Fluent in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, and React JS
  • Strong knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and accessibility
  • Gather user and business requirements and turn them into initial sketches & wireframes through to visual design and HTML/CSS prototyping
  • Assist back-end developers in implementing designs into production

Typical Benefits and Other Perks

  • Medical or HMO
  • Regular hours, Mondays – Fridays
  • Casual (e.g., T-shirts)
  • 13th-month pay
  • 15 days paid vacation
  • 10 days paid personal/carers leave

According to DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment), the Web Developer qualifications and salary/compensation details are as follows:



In the Philippines, a Web Developer’s entry level salary ranges from P13,000 to P31,000 per month and may even go up to P44,000 per month for highly-trained and experienced people. Overseas, such as in the U.S. & Canada, the average salary for a web developer is $4,273 or C$3,845 per month.

Basic Educational Requirement

There is no actual educational path to follow to become a Web Developer; however, some institutions and college programs could help an individual become a Web Developer. Web design, internet development, computer science, engineering, and business courses will be helpful to prospective web developers. Most of these programs last between one and three years.

Cost of Training

Web Design and Development training courses for Web Developers normally range from P2,495 – P8,495, and the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging is offering these courses.

Employment Opportunities

Web Developers work for companies with the company and/or products/services websites or those interested in the information found online. They can also work freelance and have their services contracted or work for a web design firm.

Prospects for Career Advancement

For Web Developers who keep up to date with the latest technology, the prospects for advancement are good. They may be given supervisory responsibilities. Some may move into other aspects of computer programming, like software development, operating systems, and database programming.

Nature of Work

A Web Developer designs, create, produces, and maintains web pages using relevant software packages.


  • Designs Websites;
  • Maintains and upgrades websites;
  • Posts database information on sites;
  • Runs test to ensure web programs and computer systems are working properly;
  • Finds and corrects faults in websites;
  • Prepares reports on websites; and
  • Maintains and upgrades websites.

Skills and Competencies

  • Knowledgeable in different programming languages and techniques;
  • Genuine interest in computers and computer capabilities;
  • Should be adaptable to new things;
  • Work well under pressure;
  • Must be organized; and
  • Ability to work on several projects at once.

Physical Attributes and Characteristics

  • Creative and technical aptitude;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Can work well in a team;
  • Good attention to detail; and
  • Committed to understanding new technology and upgrading skills.

What are the most important skills for a web developer to have?

Knowledge or SkillMinimum Skill or Baseline
Web DevelopmentCommunication and team coordination
Java ScriptTeamwork / Collaboration
SQLProblem Identifying and Solving
Web App DevelopmentCreativity and Usability
JQueryCoding Standards
HTML5Creativity and Integration
CSS3Mobile Conformity

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Any of the most common web development tools and languages, such as JavaScript and SQL, are described here, as you would imagine. While many independent web developers spend the bulk of their time working alone, the reality is that they are part of a wider team. Soft skills will help you gain team buy-in with your plans and overcome the inevitable problems that arise.

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Bear in mind because, like most technology occupations, web development evolves rapidly, and the resources you use today can evolve (or become obsolete entirely) in the months and years ahead. Make it a priority to keep learning, and you’ll attract prospective employers with your abilities.

Becoming a programmer in the Philippines requires knowledge in the programming languages that are in-demand worldwide from mobile apps to server and cloud coding.


Python is, without a doubt, one of the most common programming languages, with an annual growth rate of 54 percent in 2016. It’s also the most widely used language to date, which experienced programmers shouldn’t be surprised about considering its performance, code readability, and increased productivity that developers can achieve with it.

Python is used to run large-scale websites like Facebook, Instagram, NASA, Reddit, Usersnap, WordPress, Yahoo, and YouTube.

Python programmers would also confess that it is the simplest language to master, making it the language of choice for developers who want to be dependable and fluent programmers.


JavaScript is known as the “internet language,” and it is used to create most websites. It is one of the most common programming languages since it is compliant with almost all web browsers and is one of the most widely adopted programming languages.

This complex scripting language is mostly used for front-end development, ranging from client-side JavaScript to server-side frameworks. It’s still the most popular programming language in mobile applications, allowing for offline-first features.

With so many JavaScript developers on the market, the only way to remain ahead of the crowd is to stay up on the new JavaScript developments.


The market for Java developers has increased to 30,000 this year due to the growth of Android OS devices (apps). Java is still used in other applications such as video games, website content, and apps, cementing its status as one of the most important programming languages today.

Because of its easy and readable programming language, which millions of programmers use on over 150 billion computers worldwide, many developers love studying Java.

Java from Oracle is seen on sites like Amazon, eBay, and LinkedIn.


GO (or GOLANG) was created by three Google engineers to manage the ’s largest search engine by rendering it easy, powerful, and secure. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular programming languages today. According to statistics, it has been slowly increasing in popularity among programmers, with a 93 percent increase in 2016.

One of the advantages of using GO is that it is an open-source language that is freely available to the public. In comparison to other languages, this makes it easy for programmers to understand and use.

Go ventures, which they created to create a statically typed language that is both portable and human-readable, are used by APIs, lightweight web application architectures, web servers, and other applications, and are used by companies including Adobe, Netflix, and YouTube.


Ruby, like Python, is a language that is simple to read and write. This language is well-known for supporting a wide variety of programming paradigms, and it fits well with the Rails add-on system. As a result, the common word “Ruby on Rails” has made it easier to create web apps; and as you progress in Rails, having a decent understanding of JavaScript is strongly recommended.

Ruby is one of the best software development languages to learn because of its quick development process and ability to write fewer codes – as long as developers can see how it can be included in a web project.

Airbnb, Groupon, Shopify, and Twitter are only a few of the well-known companies that use Ruby.


Swift has found a place in the hearts of iOS developers. Thanks to Apple, who thought of developing a new program language for its iOS and OS X application creation, developers can now make an intuitive app by combining the best of C and Objective-C.

As opposed to those who write in Objective-C, Swift app developers can perform faster and fewer errors. This helps to understand why Swift developers are in such high demand. Swift is unquestionably one of the most common programming languages, with a 262 percent increase in 2016.

For example, IBM is a huge supporter, and you should be too if you’re excited about developing apps for iOS, Linux, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.


C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft with several unique features distinguishing it from other languages. This language, which is based on C and C++, has gained popularity among programmers for its potential to enable them to code a variety of applications with a variety of goals and purposes.

C# is one of the most commonly used programming languages for building applications on the.NET development platform, and Microsoft uses it as the primary language for its products. Additionally, you can use this programming language combined with the Xamarin and Windows framework technologies to build iOS/Android apps.

So there you have it: the most widely used programming languages. If you can learn and master these programming languages, you’ll have an easier time landing online projects and jobs from businesses looking for competent and experienced developers who can read, translate, and build codes for their websites.


PHP is known for being one of the most scalable languages available when it comes to website creation and integration. This programming language has become synonymous with scalability as an open-source language that requires extensions and add-ons to satisfy the ever-changing needs of companies.

PHP is a server-side scripting language used by internet media pioneers, including Facebook, Tumblr, Wikipedia, WordPress, and Yahoo, and it powers about one-third of the web. This makes it one of the most widely used programming languages, particularly when combined with SQL and JavaScript.


Determining a website developer and knowing the difference with a website designer can effectively help your organization get the right person for the right job or project requirements. Of course, the salary depends greatly on the offer and industry standard, depending on the qualifications, capability, and experience of the person you’re going to hire.

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