Welcome to the BNI Ardent Chapter, a dynamic and synergistic community of professionals dedicated to fueling your business with a robust range of supplies and services. We are not just a network; we are a powerhouse aligned with the mission to provide swift, cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Our collective expertise in various industries means we understand the intricacies of diverse market sectors, enabling us to offer precise, practical solutions. BNI Ardent Chapter transcends traditional networking, connecting relationships that translate into real growth, enhanced productivity, and financial efficiency for your business.

We are here to streamline your operations, maximize your potential, and empower your journey toward business excellence.

BNI Ardent Members - Supplier Directory Listing

NameCompanyProducts / ServicesContact NumberE-Mail
Adeline ParalisanPASTELERIA BAKESHOP3 - Marketing and Business Support - Cake and Pastries0917-303-0370[email protected]
Adrian FlorcruzTECHAID1 - Designers + Builders - CCTV, Wi-Fi, Gate Automation0918-921-0848[email protected]
Alexandra LondresPESTASTIC PEST CONTROL SERVICES1 - Designers + Builders - Pest Control Management0955-460-4737[email protected]
Apollo Miguel LaraCopycat3 - Marketing and Business Support - Printing Services0977-819-7209[email protected]
Cecile FernandezAxa Philippines2 - Property and Insurance/Investment - HMO0977-426-0791[email protected]
Dennis LeverizaFAST Solutions and Technology Inc.3 - Marketing and Business Support - Business Consultant and Accounting Services0933-811-3233[email protected]
Desiree MendozaIDMATIC1 - Designers + Builders - Home Improvement - PVC Bamboo Fence - Residential0917-885-3374[email protected]
Dhesa Sanvictores-DioTravel Bliss4 - Health and Lifestyle - Travel Agency0917-870-9571[email protected]
Edito CabornayCABORNS GLASS AND ALUMINUM STILL WORKS1 - Designers + Builders - Glass and Aluminum0945-413-4936[email protected]
Emmar DedicatoriaD&D Blinds and Courtain Station1 - Designers + Builders - BLINDS AND CURTAINS0916-626-2382[email protected]
Felix Louell SaavedraEmergence Systems and Solutions3 - Marketing and Business Support - Business Support - IT Solutions (POS)0917-912-1322[email protected]
Francis Carlo CruzFomo Labs3 - Marketing and Business Support - Crypto Currency0905-259-8129[email protected]
Fritzie LayganRIWAY International4 - Health and Lifestyle - Oral Live Stem Cell0915-770-2262[email protected]
Giovan Lou GarzonGarzon + Architects1 - Designers + Builders - Architecture and Project Management0927-489-5848[email protected]
Grace DoradoPRIFE INTERNATIONAL4- Health and Lifestyle - Health and Wellness (other)0966-864-8708[email protected]
Grace ExcondeJurex Philippines Inc. (Lady Grace Intimate Apparel)4 - Health and Lifestyle - Retail/Wholesale Intimate Lingerie0917-571-4435[email protected]
Jeffrey GoyalSunlife of Canada Phils2 - Property and Insurance/Investment - Life Insurance0919-093-4853[email protected]
Jenny Bie VenerableAaces Insurance Services2 - Property and Insurance/Investment - Non-Life Insurance0917-154-3484[email protected]
Jocelyn BatallerRainbow GodsOwn Enterprises4 - Health and Lifestyle - General Cleaning and Maintenance0917-585-2018[email protected]
Jon Calvin CamilonRF CAMILON PLANNING AND CONSTRUCTION SERVICES1-Designers + Builders - General Construction0905-696-3181[email protected]
Jose Elmer FranciscoJENMA Foods Corp.2 - Property and Insurance/Investment - Food Franchise Investment0917-887-0660[email protected]
Justin Kahlil BicharaNagatech Corporation3 - Marketing and Business Support - Computer Supplies0917-831-2225[email protected]
Mark Kevin Batulan1-Pentagon Credit and Lending Corporation2 - Property and Insurance/Investment - Finance and Investment0917-153-1619[email protected]
Rachel Ann CamposanoEllenaire Electro Mechanical Corp.1 - Designers + Builders - HVAC0956-567-1630[email protected]
Rain DelgadoNupon Technology Phils Corp1 - Designers + Builders - Solar Aircon Supplier0918-807-4174[email protected]
Robert AlmeroAIBS Enterprise3 - Marketing and Business Support - Digital Marketing0917-894-0401[email protected]
Uriah DypuekengGR8LIFE4 - Health and Lifestyle - Health, Beauty and Wellness Products0916-531-5820[email protected]
Waldorf CenizaSMARTAGE SOLUTIONS1 - Designers + Builders - Home Automation0977-054-6044[email protected]