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Sales and marketing assistant

Start getting immediate results when you deploy our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot to respond faster and convert more leads. Your Chatbot will always be available for your customers, even while you’re not.

Automated Customer Response

Respond to new inquiries immediately! Your automated sales and marketing chatbot is standing by 24/7, ready to chat with prospects to get leads even when you’re not there.

Quick Reply Buttons and Links

Your customers are presented with quick-reply buttons for inquiry options. Everything the user selects and answers to questions is automatically recorded.

Natural Language Conversation

Your chatbot advances the lead’s opportunity by modifying the conversation flow based on how the user responds. You can always update the chatbot’s response system to expand the chatbot’s abilities specific to your business.

Make marketing automation work for you

Your Chatbots are designed for sales and marketing. (period)

Converting inquiries into leads or buyers is one of your chatbot’s core design and feature. Your chatbot can help potential buyers to request for product information (pictures, video, or text information), guide them to your online store or website, and get the buyer’s information for follow-up.

You can even create a referral system (like in real estate, insurance, etc.) so that the people who use your chatbot can have the option to “Refer a Friend” – something your users would not have thought to do so unless you ask them personally.


Product Sales

Let your chatbot filter standard inquiries to deliver you only serious buyers. From product descriptions, price, and even perform product demos. Later on, when a serious buyer is encountered, your chatbot can notify you via e-mail or direct the buyer to your Online Store / E-Commerce website.

Service and Support

If you’re selling services or need to provide client support, your chatbot can answer any questions using our quick-reply buttons. People just love how fast and easy they get to the answers they need.

Real-Estate, Insurance

Selling high-ticket items like realty and premium insurance need a counterpart who can show the real value you are selling. And with the chatbot’s ability to provide you referrals, you will definitely gain an unfair advantage.

Make customers feel they’re important

Let the conversations roll!

We already know that most buyers are very impatient. Big or small, they want their answers fast! Stop losing future customers, let them know that they are being attended to. For customers that need to talk to real humans, your chatbot can arrange for a follow-up call or a meeting. It’s like having a 24-hour front desk personnel!

Get The Chatbot Tailored for your Business

What Can The Chatbot Do For You?

Your Automated Leads Generator

People are 3X more likely to engage in chat than filling up website forms.

Increase Your Sales

Communicate with your dream customers now!

Give Them What They're Looking For

Oftentimes, salespeople don’t have the patience to show what he has to offer to anyone that asks. You’ll never know who is a serious buyer until their questions about your product have been satisfied. With your chatbot, you are delivering consistent customer experience to everyone.

Build Client Relationship

80% of customers say that they prefer to chat with businesses than e-mail. 90% of customers would like to “hunt” for the products rather than being called to be marketed.

Always Getting Smarter

We are constantly improving your chatbot ai. This means that your chatbot becomes smarter as it learns from its engagement to your customers.

Save Money, Save Time

When you deploy your chatbot for the first time, you immediately feel its benefit. Seeing conversations going on (your chatbot can talk to multiple persons at the same time) and needing you less and less for standard inquiries. Chatbots cost only a fraction vs. an equivalent human response team.

Automation with Human Touch

We Deploy Humans Too!

The moment we turn on your chatbot, we don’t let it sit around and do everything on its own. We see to it that its’ well-guided and we do interventions too! When a topic is asked and the chatbot hasn’t learned to respond on that topic yet, we manually chat with your leads and later program the chatbot with the correct response. It becomes better as it engages more with your customers.

Maximized Artificial Intelligence

Get the most out of your chatbot by fully automating conversations at every stage of your marketing and sales funnel. Help your current customers, engage and convert your visitors into buyers.

Hyperscale your Customer Service

Let the repetitive questions be handled by your chatbot so you can focus more on sales-generating inquiries.

Increase Your Website Traffic

Your chatbot will maximize the contents of your website by referring customers to the right page and product that is always related to their inquiries.

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