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Online Store, E-Commerce Website

And let your online store, e-commerce website do the selling for you!

Have an amazing store open 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week

The best part? You keep ALL THE PROFITS without sharing them to Shopify, Lazada, Shopee or Amazon

Online Store, E-Commerce Website

Re-Boot Your Business to the New Normal of Selling!

To begin with — nowadays, you cannot rely solely on physical stores. They’re expensive to maintain, have a lot of complicated requirements to comply with, and you cannot sell at your store’s full potential. Everything now is done online, and all businesses need to have an online store, e-commerce website.

It is common to predict before that e-commerce would overrun brick-and-mortar companies over time, but no one could have guessed that the changes we expected to see over the years might take place in just months. The epidemic created such a shift in consumer behavior, out of sheer need, that we saw significant changes in record time. In fact, during the height of the pandemic, ten years of e-commerce growth transpired in only 90 days.

Just sell, and don’t hold back

Would it be great to be able to sell without holding back? Have your online store, e-commerce website​ open anytime, day and night? And even if the situation becomes worse, your business will not be affected! You can even adopt and change your items depending on what’s in demand in the market, in real-time!


What if your new online store, e-commerce website will allow you to sell more than what your physical store can handle?

Most importantly, how well can your new online store handle the inquiries, sales and processing of transactions better than your physical store? We’re so excited to tell you all about this! Okay, here goes… Your physical store can only handle so much merchandise for display and to hold your whole inventory.

I mean, how much products can you fit inside a 30m², 50m² or 100m² of store space? And the bigger the store space, the BIGGER the monthly rent! (and of course, plus your budget to make the whole store beautiful)


Make your store as big as you want

Now, how about your own online store? Since everything is digital, you can make it as small or as big as you want. You want to make your store as big as a mall? Why not? Your own mall!

And with your online store, you’re not obliged to get large inventory of items that is not selling. You can even have just one product displayed, and remove it when its sold! It’s that easy!


Have more items to sell without paying more!

And since your online store is not governed by physics (I love this), whether your items are less than ten or more than 100, it’s just practically the same for the online system. You don’t get to pay more for having more items. And you don’t need to have a massive budget for re-decorating.

The system is so simple to use, it even helps you manage your product inventory!


When it’s time for you to become creative…

Have you ever been more engaged on products with beautiful pictures? How about those videos showing you how to actually use the product? And providing you with details of so many ways of using it, wearing it, flaunting it or knowing how exclusive it is?

You can hire a photographer or why not do it yourself? In this instagram-oriented world, anybody can be up to that product shooting challenge!


Make your brand stand out with videos

Video is the sole medium capable of displaying your company’s whole personality and allowing you to establish more intimate relationships with your audience.

And to develop more engagement and brand familiarity to your customers, why not make a video of yourself doing the product demo?



Make sure that everything is running as smoothly as you expect it. Orders? Delivered!

Above all, getting to finish the transactions from inquiry to delivery is very important. Managing a business is a hands-on activity for every entrepreneur. There are times that you need to be present at your store just to make sure that everything is properly running. 


See every detail for each transactions

With an online store, you can see what’s happening whenever, wherever you are. You can check how many sales, inventory, pending orders or products delivered at the speed of thought!

You can also perform customer surveys to let you know how your product is doing, and whatever improvement that needs to be done.


Same customer experience for every purchase

And since the buying process is all happening online, the customer experience are all the same whether they buy early in the morning or the deep hours of the late night.


Investing your valuable time and money is not worth it, if you’re not in charge of making the decisions.

Let’s face it. Some people tend to be heavily invested on social media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and rely on it the growth  and future of their business. But remember, all social media platforms are someone else’s business too. If they think you are somehow violating any of the terms of use of their platforms, they just kick you out… immediately!


Dont invest in social media, invest in your own website

We experienced hearing from so many people having problems, just because they found out the next day that they no longer have access to their accounts, or their page has been put down without any warning or reason behind it. What happens to the business? And all those followers, they don’t even know how to be able to reach out to them because the data of their followers are also owned by the social media platform.



Thinking of retiring early? But you want to keep on earning. Having an online store, e-commerce website is REALLY for you!

Finally, one of the fears of those who are thinking of retiring is the idea of depleting their money and having to outlive their retirement fund. It’s not a good situation but many people experience it this way, simply because of the lack of preparation and motivation to still continue earning.


Your online store Generates your Passive Income

Having an online store is a great, passive way of selling whenever, and wherever you are! It gives you the freedom to be in different places, without affecting your store’s performance and sales for your business.


Truth hurts. But your pocket should not be hurt too.

To be able to enjoy the benefits of an online store, you don’t need to suffer with the cost. With a budget as small as your daily coffee, you get to have the following:
  • First-Class Hosting Server
  • Super Fast SSD Drives
  • Dynamic Bandwidth
  • SSL Certificate, Military-Grade Encryption (up to 4096 bits)
  • Continuous system update
  • Free technology upgrades
  • Free Domain Name Renewal*
  • Free Hosting Server Renewal*

  • Messenger Voice and Chat Support (English/Tagalog)
  • Painless website management (we do it for you)
  • Premium Backup / Separate Server
  • Website Firewall
  • Malware Scanner
  • Threat Defense for bot and hackers
  • Automated file and system auditing
  • CAPTCHA/RE-CAPTCHA Authentication


E-Commerce Store Features

Your full-featured online store is fully-loaded with the latest e-commerce technology. This is a highly-advanced and scalable platform that grows with your business. Whether you sell products or services, your online store can be designed to fulfill your online sales requirements.

We are a premium WordPress developer and your online store is powered by the world’s most popular e-commerce software WooCommerce
  • Full E-Commerce platform
  • Inventory System
    • Re-stocking alert
  • Flexible and Secure Payments
    • Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard)
    • Bank Payments/Deposit
    • Instapay / Pesonet
    • PayPal
    • G-Cash
    • PayMaya
    • Cash On Delivery (COD)

  • Messenger Voice and Chat Support (English/Tagalog)
  • Premium Backup / Separate Datacenter Server
  • Website Firewall – server and software-based system
  • Active Malware Scanner
  • Threat Defense System for bot and hackers
  • Automated file and system auditing
  • CAPTCHA/RE-CAPTCHA Authentication


  • Shipping Methods
    • Free Shipping
    • Flat Rates
    • Local Pick-Up
    • Table-Rate / Weight-Based
    • Shipping by Price Range
    • Shipping by Quantity

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