Having a website and creating Facebook pages are becoming synonymous nowadays in terms of function and purpose because they are often used interchangeably to represent a brand, company, or persona. The concept of introducing yourself or your company and establishing business relationships with prospects is becoming easier now than ever before.

If you’re going to have your own website versus creating a Facebook page, asking yourself which is better is something a lot of business owners are now asking themselves. Having an effective mode of communication and an open line to your prospects is the main goal of having an online presence is all about.

Keeping up with people’s attention is becoming harder nowadays because of the presence of huge information bombardment that is always getting in between you and your prospects. Having a “home base” or a place to drive people into is a great starting point to provide your audience with the information that you intend them to have. 

Now, the question goes back to where we started in the first place, do we need to have a website? Or a Facebook page would already suffice for your business marketing?

Do I need a website if I already have a Facebook page?

If you need control of any information or content that you will be using for any of your business or marketing activities,  then yes, you really need to have a website. Every time you post something inside Facebook, the social media platform will have the credit when the search engine ranks it up and not you.  Now, when you try posting that same content on your website and when it ranks on the search engine, the credit goes to you and your website.

Another issue when it comes to Facebook and its control over your page is that they get to decide whether to retain your page or not. The idea that the social network can decide to put down your Facebook page anytime, without question, will create chills to any business owner.  What if you’re already invested heavily in the social network and you are already relying on social media for your earnings? The thought of someone who can take that away from you anytime should be given some very serious consideration when it comes to the future of your business.

If I have an account with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, will I still need to have a website?

It’s a big yes! And you want to know why? You need to have a website that you can control. Where all of the contents are things you can call your own, and a site that is specifically designed to be dedicated in helping you grow your business and online presence.

Every business needs to have its own website.

  1. Attracting and Retaining Customers – having a website will definitely attract new customers to your business and letting them know that you are there for good, thus, promoting customer retention.
  2. Add Credibility to Your Business – by simply having a website boosts your credibility as a legitimate business. Always count on first impressions, and having a website allows you to make a very strong impression and a professional, strong introduction of your business to your target customers. Having a website helps you showcase your expertise and a better positioning of your business.
  3. It’s Not as Expensive as You Think – time and again, some agency charges an arm and a leg just to provide you with a professional-class website. However, with Creative Design ink’s Web Development and Maintenance plan, a full-service with everything is given to you at a flat charge (hint: your latte or milk tea is more expensive).
  4. Can I use my Facebook page as a website?
    • A Facebook page or business page has limitations. It would seem to be common sense for small business owners to build and rely on what the largest social media network can provide for them at no cost. Creating a business page on Facebook is free and will open up access for you with a user base of billions. With this knowledge, small businesses tend to rely on this social media feature. But would this be enough?
    • User engagement with Facebook will earn you “followers” — as long as this user “likes” the posts that they are seeing from you. But once they get tired or weary of your posts, they will stop visiting your page and Facebook will begin to take your posts out of their timeline or news feed. When that happens, you need to start paying Facebook to promote or advertise your posts to gain new users.
    • Another limitation of a Facebook business page is the lack of control and brand privileges to your page. You can put a background photo in it and a profile picture but it will never give your customers the total and complete brand experience that a dedicated website can provide for your business. Also, since this is Facebook’s platform, they have the power to decide if your page can exist on the platform or not. Any issue that Facebook seems to have or any reason that they think would be valid, and they can take down your page at will anytime.
  5. Is it worth to have a website? – the simple answer is yes. The website that you create will be the marketing hub for all communications and engagement to educate and sell to your customers. Your brand and company website should be the traffic destination where all the marketing traffic and advertising, social media, and public relations are referred and pointed to.

In conclusion, is it worth to have a Facebook page for your business? Yes, definitely. It’s free advertisement and brand exposure, and the platform is free to use. But is it enough? Most probably, not. To be able to create an absolute and professional presence and digital presentation that is required for any business to succeed, having a dedicated and branded website is not an option, it is a necessity.